Website Visitor Tracking

WorksIQ Sales Alerts help your sales team spend less time chasing cold leads and more time reacting to warm prospects who are actively showing interest in your products and services.

How does it work?

WorksIQ tracks the activity of tagged contacts on your website. When a tagged contact visits your website WorksIQ sends an email to the appropriate sales person or account manager to follow up.

How does it help?

As a sales person you can use the alerts to:

— Call the right person at the right time
— Uncover opportunities to cross sell
— Uncover hidden objections
— Uncover buying signals

In a recent analysis of customer data we found that 50% of contacts that generated a sales alert went on to make a purchase. Sales alerts are therefore a good indicator of the strength of an opportunity. Likewise, not receiving a sales alert may highlight that an opportunity is not as clear cut as you thought.

What does the alert tell me?

The alert can be configured to show you:

— Contact details
— Landing Page
— Search Engine used or referrer
— Search keywords used to find your website

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