CRM Features and Functions

WorksIQ CRM helps you track enquiries and pro-actively manage relationships with your customers, employees and suppliers. WorksIQ currently has modules for Sales Lead Tracking and Service Desk and is based on a core Contact Management System.

“WorksIQ has been easy to configure to our needs and is simple to use. It works really well.”
Regional Director EMEA, Quest Worldwide

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Sales Lead Management

WorksIQ will help you manage your sales pipeline, uncover new opportunities and close the deals you are working on.

Managing your leads is easy and you are kept informed of new leads, reminders and opportunities. With a complete view of your customers and drill-down dashboards you have everything you need to win more business.

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Service Desk

Easily track, manage and report on all support enquiries and requests received from customers and employees.

With customisable ticket details, support queues and email templates along with support for multiple-desks & multiple inbound mailboxes you’ll have everything you need to provide excellent customer service throughout your organisation.

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Contact Management

Keep track of all your contacts, employees and suppliers with our easy to use contact management system.

You can record notes, attachments, set follow up actions and reminders, send emails and build contact lists automatically from emails and web-forms. Our contact management module is a simple yet effective mechanism for telemarketing, prospecting, general customer management and simple sales and support requirements.

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Boost the performance of your telemarketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC and social media campaigns with our innovative technology.

Generate new leads for your sales team and help them to identify and close hot prospects. Gain new insights from drill-down dashboards and get a clear understanding of your sales cycle and marketing return on investment (ROI).

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Automation & Workflow

Automatically turn emails from multiple mailboxes into new contacts, leads & tickets. Never miss or overlook an enquiry again!

With so many emails flooding into your sales & support inbox these days it is easy to miss or forget an enquiry. With customisable workflow to create leads, auto-assign tickets, alert users and filter out unwanted emails, WorksIQ will help you stay on top of your mailboxes and completed web forms.

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Stay on top of your sales figures, forecasts, support queues and marketing results with WorksIQ.

Drill-down dashboards help you gain fresh insights into your business from personal, managerial and business-wide perspective. With up to date information at your fingertips you can quickly see what’s working and what needs addressing.


It’s frustrating when a product doesn’t speak your language or work the way you do.

We’ve made every drop-down customisable and almost every field in the system can be renamed, moved or hidden. You can even change the logo and colour scheme to match your own business branding.

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