Click to Dial

Our Click to Dial feature enables SDRs (Sales Development Reps) to make calls via your VoIP / Softphone simply by clicking on telephone numbers in the CRM. It automatically audits who was called giving you complete visibility of SDR activity.


How many calls are your SDRs actually making?

Are they calling bad numbers just to make quota?

Are they calling their friends or real prospects?

Our Click to Dial works with VoIP Softphones like Skype and BRIA / CounterPath (pictured)


Do your SDRs say they’re busy dialling but it’s always quiet in the office? It’s too time consuming to trawl through call logs from your VoIP system to find out who your SDRs are calling.

Do your SDRs complain about bad data? Have they even tried all the numbers in their lists? All the time your sales pipeline is drying up and sales revenues are starting to drop.


With our Click to Dial feature you can:

– Automatically track the number of attempts to contact someone
– Save time by automatically dialling the number
– Faster logging of attempts, notes and next actions
– Rules to prevent false dials
– More accurate reporting (all attempts logged)

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