What is a .CSV file?

A .CSV file is a comma delimited file. It is a text file containing values separated by commas.

If you open a .CSV file with Notepad.exe you will see something like this:

David,Smith,ABC Trading,New York
Mike,Saunders,XYZ Industries,London

If you open the .CSV file with a spreadsheet like MS Excel you would see something like this:


.CSV files are used to store raw data with no formatting like colors, borders etc.

How to save your file in Excel 2007 as a .CSV

In Excel 2007 hit F12 (File >> Save As) you will see the dialog below. Make sure you change the drop down “Save as type” to “CSV (comma delimited) *.csv“:


Change the file name Book1.csv to YourFileName.csv and click Save.

You may see a pop up as follows:


Just click OK.

You got this message because your Excel workbook contained more than one sheet. By clicking OK only the current sheet you are looking at is saved into the .CSV file.

You may also see a pop up as follows:


Just click YES.

You got this message because your Excel workbook can contain formatting and other features that are not supported by .CSV files. Only the raw data is stored in the .CSV file.

Finally, when you close Excel or the sheet you may see the following pop up:


This may come as a surprise! If you have followed the steps above and already saved your file then you can just click No.

I hope that helps.

Date: 6th November 2016

Author: Duncan Gillingwater

Posted in Spreadsheets