Service Desk

WorksIQ Service Desk Software is designed to help your customer service and support teams track, manage and report on all support enquiries and requests received by your business.

tick3 Customise terminology to manage cases, calls, issues etc
tick3 Track and progress service and support tickets
tick3 Generate tickets from emails and web forms
tick3 Ticket numbers automatically generated
tick3 Custom fields, categories, statuses etc.

WorksIQ Service Desk Software can be seamlessly integrated with the Sales Lead Tracking module or run stand-alone.

Incident Logging

Incidents can be logged automatically via email or manually by the Customer Service Team. Full details of the incident can be logged and the fields, drop downs and terminology can all be customised to match your own business requirements.


Audit History

WorksIQ maintains a full audit history of actions carried out by the various users and of the eventual incident resolution.

Account Visibility

By enabling the Service Desk module alongside the Sales Lead Tracking module your Customer Service teams will have a better understanding of how their actions affect sales revenue. With account visibility, priorities and tasks can be assigned with the bigger picture in mind.

In a similar way, your sales team will automatically get visibility of any service and support requests that may be affecting current sales opportunities or annual renewals.


Multiple Service Desks

If your company runs multiple Service Desks then you may wish to have some degree of separation between Service Desks. For example, the Facilities Manager may have no reason to see Customer Service enquiries but a Customer Services user may need to know if the water leak above the server room has been fixed. Users with access to multiple Service Desks can switch seamlessly between desks without having to log in and out and without having to remember multiple passwords.


Users can be alerted as new incidents come into the system or are reassigned. Your sales and account management teams can also be alerted so they are kept fully informed of any developments that might affect their on-going sales opportunities.

Incidents Dashboard

WorksIQ provides quick and simple management reporting to assess the current state of play for key services and clients. The reports offer the ability to drill down to enable quick identification and analysis of incidents.

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