WorksIQ’s Marketing Dashboard helps you understand the true results of your marketing campaigns in terms of actual Sales Revenue rather than just number of sales leads generated.

WorksIQ is particularly effective at tracking the Return On Investment (ROI) from Online Marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords since sales leads can be tracked automatically from the initial enquiry all the way through to the closed deal.

Marketing Dashboard

From the marketing dashboard you can immediately determine the number of leads generated by a particular campaign and along win ratios and average deal values. For example:

– how many deals does Google Adwords generate each month?
– what was the average deal size from the Trade Show in March?
– how long does it take to close a deal?

Interrogating Results

The results of a campaign can be further interrogated to identify the specific leads that reached a given outcome. By clicking on “View Leads” a list of all leads matching an outcome are displayed below, for instance you may wish to review the dead leads from a Trade Show to ensure they were followed up correctly.