Log File Analyzer for Cloud Software (Beta/Free)

If you are developing cloud based software then you are probably trying to establish:

— why people aren’t signing up
— why existing users are churning
— what people are trying to do with your software

Google Analytics doesn’t really answer these questions because you need to look at individual users and individual sessions to understand what is really going on. Google Analytics is great for analyzing a mass of users but it’s not the answer for looking at the individual.

This software analyzes your IIS and Apache website logs to analyse the pages served at an individual level. It’s free to use right now because it’s a bit rough and ready. We currently support ASP.NET MVC applications but we could easily modify it to support other platforms.

To access the software please provide some details so we can keep you informed of updates and share our own experiences with you.

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If you have any questions then please contact support@worksiq.com

Date: 15th May 2014

Author: Duncan Gillingwater