Free Support Ticket Template

If you do not have a system in place to manage your support tickets then please feel free to download this free support ticket template (Excel spreadsheet).

Free Support Ticket Template (Excel Spreadsheet .XLS)

First name: Email address:

This simple spreadsheet allows you to record and manage your support tickets.

A simple spreadsheet like this is fine to manage your support tickets if you are working alone and do not need to regularly share your support data with colleagues. If you are working as part of a support team or have a high volume of support tickets to manage then you should consider employing Web Based CRM software like WorksIQ.

WorksIQ is a web based, Customer Relationship Management System designed to help you manage your support tickets. WorksIQ is suitable for all sizes of organisation from small, owner managed businesses to large corporates and groups.

Example of a Support Ticket

WorksIQ has modules for Sales Lead Tracking and Service Desk and is based on a Contact Management System that provides:

— Easy to use Contact Management Database
— Automated processing of inbound emails
— Reports and Dashboards with Drill Down
— Alerting
— Customisable workflow

WorksIQ Web Based CRM Software - My Dashboard

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