What’s new in WorksIQ CRM v2.4?

WorksIQ CRM version 2.4 includes a number of fixes and enhancements as requested by our users. The main changes are a new import facility, support for storing and emailing file attachments and the ability to minimise the Watch window. Also included are a number of minor tweak and fixes that make the product easier to use.

Main Enhancements

Minimise the Watch & Quick Search windows

To assist users with smaller screens and devices you can now hide the Watch window and Quick Search window. This feature gives you an extra 320px of screen area for displaying and reviewing your lists of leads, contacts and incidents. If the user receives an alert whilst the Watch window is hidden then the user is notified in the top left hand corner of the screen ensuring that nothing important is missed.

Emailing File Attachments

You can now send file attachments by email from Contacts, Leads and Incidents. The feature is accessed by clicking on the Create History button and selecting Send Email in the History Type drop down. You will now see an option to attach files underneath the cc & bcc fields.

Storing File Attachments

You can now store file attachments against Contacts, Leads and Incidents. The attachments could be anything that is relevant to your sales and support functions, for example copies of quotes, purchase orders received, configuration files etc. The feature is accessed by clicking on the Create History button and selecting Attachment in the History Type drop down.

Import Facility

We have added the facility for Admin users to upload lists of Contacts, Leads and Incidents into the CRM from a spreadsheet. A .CSV file template is provided for each type of list and the system runs a series of checks to ensure the validity of your data before the import commences. The import feature could be used to load up a list of leads captured at a trade show or to load up support tickets from a previous system, newly purchased telemarketing lists etc.

Printable Lead Details and Incident Details

We have added a print button to the Lead details and Incident details screens. These buttons produce a print format display of the lead or incident details. The display also pulls in header and footer image files so that you can brand the report if you are sending the report to a client. The incident report includes a space for sign-off by your client.

Minor Enhancements

All change requests received from our customers are logged in our own WorksIQ CRM system and we try to include those changes, where appropriate, into the development plan. Here is a brief summary of the changes that made it in to version 2.4:

- Phone number and post code included in the advanced search options for contacts
- Options to control the From name and display name for outbound emails
- Option to search for companies in Quick Search
- Sales report dashboard now includes the weighted sales forecast figures for the financial year
- Added company and contact to the available display columns on the history dashboard
- Source drop down added to the Marketing Dashboard
- Option to restrict users from creating/deleting tabs

Date: 20th September 2013

Author: Duncan Gillingwater

Posted in CRM, News