Sending Transactional Emails with WorksIQ v2.2

We are pleased to announced that WorksIQ version 2.2 is now live. We have made over 100 enhancements and fixes in this release. Many of the enhancements having come directly from user feedback. The main new feature is the ability to send transactional emails directly from the system.

A summary of the main changes are as follows:

Transactional Emails

Template based emails can now be sent directly from the system. This feature is used for speeding up the sending of day to day transactional emails (e.g. thank you for your enquiry). Users can select from their own customised email templates which are automatically personalised with fields from the WorksIQ database and their own email signatures. Emails can be edited before sending. Emails can also contain automatic tagging links to increase the the number of sales alerts generated.

Email Alerts

Along similar lines WorksIQ now sends out emails corresponding to Watch window alerts (e.g. Sales Alert: Fred Smith is on your Website) so you can react quickly to sales opportunities & reminders when you are out of the office.

Smoother AJAX based browsing

WorksIQ now has smoother, AJAX based browsing so for example you will now see tabs for My Leads (your active leads) and tabs for Contacts, Leads & Incidents under Companies with edit in place rather than jumping to a new screen. This makes the product faster and easier to use and with less bandwidth requirements.

Minor Changes

Watch window alerts can be expanded rather than having to click through to the Contact record.

IE8 and Firefox support is much improved.

Export feature on Contacts.

Improved advanced search on Companies & Contacts.

Contacts can now be assigned and have a next action and next action date.

Improvements to custom field handling.

Find out more

If you would like a demonstration of the new features in WorksIQ v2.2 then please contact us.

Date: 3rd April 2013

Author: Duncan Gillingwater

Posted in CRM, News