CRM for Telemarketing Agencies

With WorksIQ CRM your telemarketing agency can easily & securely manage multiple client contact databases. WorksIQ CRM can be used for outbound lead generation as well as inbound customer service calls. WorksIQ CRM is web-based, so your agents can work remotely if required with no complicated software to install or maintain.

Boost productivity

Whether you are high volume call centre or a specialist agency targeting senior decision makers, WorksIQ can help streamline your processes. For example, when making calls your agents can easily send emails on behalf of each client direct from the system. Follow-up actions can be set and email notifications automatically sent to the client when appointments are booked.
Managing multiple clients

If desired, each client can access their own branded portal to view the progress of their campaign. When receiving inbound calls on behalf of your clients your agent can seamlessly switch between databases without needing to log out and log back in again. Agent and client specific mailboxes can also be set up to send emails on behalf of each client.

Set more appointments!

Ultimately your telemarketing business lives and dies on providing a good return on investment for your clients. The unique technology in WorksIQ can help boost the results of your campaigns by helping your agents call the right person at exactly the right time! If your agent typically makes 100 calls a day and sets two appointments then imagine the boost in performance if we can tell you who those two people will be!

Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing structure allows you to scale your CRM system up and down as required, which means costs can be backed off against the various contracts that you win. For example, if you run a large but short term campaign then at the end you will not be left committed to licences that are no longer required.

Get WorksIQ for free!

If you successfully introduce WorksIQ CRM to your clients then you will qualify for free licences in return. It is likely that CRM will crop-up in the normal discussions with your client, a simple nod in our direction may be all that’s required to reduce the ongoing cost of your own system.

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