CRM for Telephone Based Selling & Appointment Setting

With WorksIQ CRM you can easily manage and share your contacts, sales leads and service & support enquiries. WorksIQ CRM is web-based, so you can access your data anywhere plus there’s no complicated software to install or maintain. Watch the video below or take a Feature Tour to learn how it could help your business.

Growing your business

Does your business rely on spreadsheets to manage contacts, sales opportunities or service & support requests?

Unfortunately this can become a problem when you start:

- sharing data with colleagues and remote users
- managing larger volumes of requests
- taking on new staff who need to be managed.

Spreadsheets quickly become out of date when copied or updated by different people. If information is locked away on someone’s laptop then that data may be inaccessible whilst they are on holiday or off sick. Worse still, client history may be lost altogether when employees leave.

With our Small Business CRM Solutions you can have complete visibility of who is doing what within your business.

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