CRM for IT Services

If you provide IT Support Services then WorksIQ CRM can help you provide increased service levels and a more structured, professional approach to your business. With WorksIQ CRM you can easily manage all of your support enquiries, implementation projects and new business opportunities all from one web-based system. WorksIQ CRM can track the status of contracts and help you keep track of billable work.

Improve Service Levels

With WorksIQ CRM, you can automatically log service, support and sales enquiries from multiple email mailboxes. This ensures that enquiries and requests from your website or email are not overlooked or forgotten. Our sophisticated email processing can also be used to process email alerts received from any monitoring systems that you use.

From the web-based user interface you can easily slice and dice your workloads by priority, status, stage by adding custom tabs to your screens, thereby giving you a one click view of your various support queues.

You can also send your clients template-based emails straight from the system, thereby ensuring a consistent style of response across all of your team members.

A Unified View

From WorksIQ CRM you can consolidate separate systems for contact management, sales lead tracking and support issue tracking all into one unified view of your customer. By doing so, you can ensure that all chargeable work is accounted for and that contract renewals match the level of support provided over the previous 12 months.

Handle Multiple Clients and Databases

If you have clients who require their own login to a dedicated and branded system then this is easily achieved through WorksIQ CRM’s secure, multi-tenant architecture. Each client system can be configured separately yet your own team members can instantly switch between client systems without needing separate logins and passwords.

Increase Sales

Hook WorksIQ CRM into your website to discover who’s on your website right now! Our sales alerts can tell you when prospects have returned to your website or logged into your web services, allowing your sales effort to focus on the hottest prospects. You can track your marketing campaigns to determine what activities give the best return and if you invest in Google Adwords or SEO then WorksIQ CRM will identify specifically which search keywords are ultimately resulting in sales revenue and which keywords are wasting your money.

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