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Making bulk updates

In WorksIQ CRM you can make bulk updates to companies, contacts, leads and tickets. This feature is really for things like: – Reassigning contacts to another user – Removing leads after an import that went wrong – Deleting spam emails

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Do you have the right stages in your sales pipeline?

Do you have a sales process that is based on stages of the sale? Many companies do. By stage of the sale we typically see things like New Lead, Contact Made, Meeting Completed, Evaluation in Progress, Proposal Sent and Sold.

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Lead Scoring: is it worth it?

I just started reading an article on how to create a lead scoring matrix and thought I would give some real life examples of what we’ve seen. Our CRM system has website visitor tracking features built-in (Sales Alerts) and recently

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What’s new in WorksIQ CRM v2.4?

WorksIQ CRM version 2.4 includes a number of fixes and enhancements as requested by our users. The main changes are a new import facility, support for storing and emailing file attachments and the ability to minimise the Watch window. Also

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Tagging contacts via a Mailchimp Email Marketing campaign

Sales Alerts within WorksIQ CRM are a great way to identify hot prospects in real time. The question that arises is, how can you to tag as many people as possible to maximise the number of alerts you receive? The

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CRM Audit: 6 warning signs that your CRM might be failing

A quick audit of your current CRM system can highlight some tell-tale signs that your CRM system is not performing as it should. If your system is not being used correctly then sales revenues may drop and overall customer satisfaction

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7 Reasons Why CRM Projects Fail

Seven Reasons why CRM projects fail This article talks about some of the reasons CRM projects may fail. That doesn’t mean our own projects fail! In fact, a common situation we find is where a new Sales Director has inherited

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What is CRM?

The Who, Why and What of CRM This article is designed for people who are new to CRM or who are considering using CRM Software for the first time. It explains what CRM is, how CRM helps companies, and how

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Sending Transactional Emails with WorksIQ v2.2

We are pleased to announced that WorksIQ version 2.2 is now live. We have made over 100 enhancements and fixes in this release. Many of the enhancements having come directly from user feedback. The main new feature is the ability

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What is Sales Velocity?

You may have heard the buzzword “Sales Velocity” recently. So what exactly is it and do you need to take notice of it? This short article explains what it is and at the end of the article gives you four

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