Inbound Email Management

Managing inbound email and website enquiries can be a challenge. If you have high volumes of sales or support enquiries then your credibility, brand loyalty and sales revenues can all be affected by:

— Missed or forgotten enquiries
— Poor response times
— Confusion over responsibilities

WorksIQ CRM helps ensure that no email or website enquiry is overlooked.

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Create Sales Leads, Support Tickets, Contacts etc

WorksIQ can automatically process emails to create sales leads, support tickets, contacts and other items. The type of items created can be determined from the contents of the email and originating mailbox.

Our system can process emails from a variety of forms so typically no changes to your website are required (unless you want to turn on website visitor tracking or search engine referrer data).

Automatic Ticket Numbers

To help track enquiries a ticket number can be automatically assigned to the new support ticket.

Processing Web Forms and Email Parsing

WorksIQ can be customised to distinguish between normal emails and those created by the forms on your website. The various fields specified in a form can be mapped onto fields in the items created.

Automatic Distribution of Enquiries

When a new lead or support ticket comes in by email it can be automatically distributed to the appropriate person according to customised rules.

Multiple Mailbox Polling

WorksIQ can handle multiple mailboxes to track enquiries for different teams, products, countries etc.

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